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Hello, Im from Bulgaria, 36 years old. Already 15 years betting and my hoby is the betting. Already with good experience in few online betting sites, so want to prove it here in bettors club too. Good luck
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Pronostics Gagnant Remboursé Perdant Moitié gagnant Moitié perdant
14804 7064 765 6712 131 132
Profit Rendement Taux de réussite Cote Moyenne
12932.22 3.77 48.60 2.11
Date Match Mise Profit Resultat Bookmaker
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalFerretti vs Chinandega 26 +22.62 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalJalapa vs Juventus Managua 21 -21 perdant WilliamHill
Overwatch29.03.2020 USASeoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Gladiators 23 +25.30 gagnant Unibet
Counter Strike29.03.2020 USAFunPlus Phoenix vs c0ntact Gaming 16 -16 perdant Unibet
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalKarlbergs W (Swe) vs Taby FK W (Swe) 27 -27 perdant SboBET
Counter Strike29.03.2020 *InternationalG2 Esports vs FaZe Clan 23 -23 perdant Unibet
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalSodra Sandby (Swe) vs Kosova IF (Swe) 25 -12.50 moitié perdant OddsRing
Soccer29.03.2020 BelarusNeman vs Vitebsk 26 +22.62 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalSundbybergs (Swe) vs Vasterhaninge IF (Swe) 22 -22 perdant Bwin
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalRagsveds W (Swe) vs Djursholm W (Swe) 24 +24.72 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalAskims W (Swe) vs Kongahalla W (Swe) 22 -22 perdant Unibet
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalUmea Sodra W (Swe) vs Mariehem W (Swe) 23 -23 perdant Unibet
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalLilla Tjarby (Swe) vs IF Leikin (Swe) 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalSylvia (Swe) vs Assyriska IK (Swe) 24 annulé Pinnacle Sports
League of Legends29.03.2020 South KoreaKT Rolster vs Afreeca Freecs 22 +26.40 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalMyresjo Vetlanda FK (Swe) vs Vimmerby (Swe) 27 +22.41 gagnant Unibet
Basketball29.03.2020 TaiwanYulon Luxgen Dinos vs Bank of Taiwan 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalTeam TG FF W (Swe) vs Lulea W (Swe) 25 annulé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer29.03.2020 BelarusIsloch Minsk vs Smolevichi 21 +27.09 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalVrango (Swe) vs Knippla (Swe) 26 +23.66 gagnant Bwin
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalHolsby (Swe) vs Lenhovda (Swe) 27 annulé Unibet
Basketball29.03.2020 TaiwanJeoutai vs Taiwan Beer 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalEsteli vs Sabanas 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer29.03.2020 *InternationalManagua FC vs Diriangen 25 +24.25 gagnant Unibet
Counter Strike28.03.2020 USAFunPlus Phoenix vs c0ntact Gaming 20 0 remboursé 10Bet
Overwatch28.03.2020 USAParis Eternal vs London Spitfire 16 annulé 10Bet
Counter Strike28.03.2020 *Internationalmousesports vs FaZe Clan 25 -25 perdant BetBoro
League of Legends28.03.2020 -EuropeanSK Gaming vs exceL eSports 16 +32.96 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Hockey28.03.2020 BelarusYunost Minsk vs Soligorsk 27 +22.14 gagnant 10Bet
Handball28.03.2020 BelarusGomel vs Kronon 21 +28.98 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer28.03.2020 BelarusGorodeja vs Shakhtyor Soligorsk 26 -26 perdant Unibet
League of Legends28.03.2020 -EuropeanSchalke 04 vs Rogue 17 +30.60 gagnant Unibet
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalOrebro Syr. (Swe) vs Fanna (Swe) 26 annulé Unibet
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalTeam TG FF (Swe) vs Taftea IK (Swe) 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalLonsboda (Swe) vs Haradsbacks (Swe) 23 +26.45 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer28.03.2020 BelarusFC Minsk vs Din. Minsk 23 +25.76 gagnant SboBET
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalFrej (Swe) vs Sollentuna (Swe) 24 +24.48 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalEneby (Swe) vs Tenhults (Swe) 28 annulé OddsRing
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalArameisk-Syrianska (Swe) vs IFK Stocksund (Swe) 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Handball28.03.2020 BelarusSKA Minsk vs Meshkov Brest 28 +21.56 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer28.03.2020 BelarusSlavia Mozyr vs BATE 24 -24 perdant OddsRing
Dota 228.03.2020 *InternationalFlytomoon vs Winstrike 30 +19.80 gagnant Unibet
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalHacken (Swe) vs Utsiktens (Swe) 25 0 remboursé Unibet
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalEskilsminne (Swe) vs Angelholms (Swe) 25 +23.75 gagnant Unibet
Handball28.03.2020 BelarusBGUFK Minsk vs Masheka 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Soccer28.03.2020 BelarusSlutsk vs Brest 25 +11.75 moitié gagnant SboBET
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalKrumkachy (Blr) vs Smorgon (Blr) 23 -23 perdant Bwin
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalBK Sport (Swe) vs Raby Rono IF (Swe) 23 -23 perdant Bwin
Overwatch28.03.2020 USAChengdu Hunters vs Hangzhou Spark 32 +16.96 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalDjursdala (Swe) vs Ankarsrums (Swe) 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer28.03.2020 *InternationalMedle SK (Swe) vs Burea (Swe) 29 +20.30 gagnant Unibet
Counter Strike28.03.2020 USAGuangzhou Charge vs Shanghai Dragons 32 +16.96 gagnant Bwin
Counter Strike27.03.2020 *InternationalEvil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves 30 -30 perdant BetBoro
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalTumba (Swe) vs Djursholm (Swe) 22 +26.40 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalEkenassjons (Swe) vs Myresjo (Swe) 25 +24.00 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalLindo FF (Swe) vs Dagsbergs (Swe) 25 +23.75 gagnant Bwin
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalEnhorna IF (Swe) vs Sodertalje FF (Swe) 26 annulé Unibet
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalQviding (Swe) vs Oddevold (Swe) 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalSkene (Swe) vs Hestrafors (Swe) 26 annulé BetBoro
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalLunds (Swe) vs IFK Malmo (Swe) 25 +23.75 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer27.03.2020 BelarusRukh Brest vs Energetik-BGU 23 -23 perdant OddsRing
Hockey27.03.2020 BelarusYunost Minsk vs Soligorsk 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalBalashikha (Rus) vs Vityaz Noginsk (Rus) 15 -15 perdant OddsRing
League of Legends27.03.2020 South KoreaDragonX vs T1 28 +20.72 gagnant 10Bet
Basketball27.03.2020 TaiwanTaiwan Beer vs Bank of Taiwan 26 -26 perdant 10Bet
League of Legends27.03.2020 ChinaRoyal Never Give Up vs JD Gaming 23 +25.30 gagnant Unibet
Dota 227.03.2020 *InternationalHellRaisers vs Flytomoon 34 +14.96 gagnant Bwin
Soccer27.03.2020 *InternationalZenit Moscow (Rus) vs Kraskovo Moskovskaya Oblast (Rus) 24 -24 perdant Bwin
League of Legends27.03.2020 AustraliaORDER vs LG Dire Wolves 29 +20.88 gagnant Unibet
Counter Strike26.03.2020 *InternationalTeam Liquid vs MIBR 12 -12 perdant Bwin
Soccer26.03.2020 *InternationalVaster (Swe) vs IK Virgo (Swe) 25 +23.25 gagnant Unibet
Soccer26.03.2020 *InternationalMarkaryds IF (Swe) vs Delary Pjatteryd (Swe) 23 -23 perdant Unibet
Soccer26.03.2020 *InternationalKalmar (Swe) vs Jonkopings (Swe) 23 -23 perdant SboBET
League of Legends26.03.2020 ChinaVici Gaming vs LGD Gaming 20 -20 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer26.03.2020 *InternationalReal Madriz vs Jalapa 22 -22 perdant OddsRing
Soccer26.03.2020 *InternationalJuventus Managua vs Ferretti 26 +22.36 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalSabanas vs Diriangen 22 +26.40 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalChinandega vs Managua FC 25 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalOcotal vs Esteli 26 +11.18 moitié gagnant OddsRing
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalAby (Swe) vs Sleipner (Swe) 31 -31 perdant Bwin
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalSkegrie BK (Swe) vs Uppakra IF (Swe) 28 -28 perdant BetBoro
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalLandskrona (Swe) vs Torns (Swe) 23 annulé Unibet
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalOskarshamns (Swe) vs Almeboda/Linneryd (Swe) 25 annulé OddsRing
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalSandsbro (Swe) vs Ingelstads (Swe) 18 +30.60 gagnant Bwin
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalOdintsovo (Rus) vs Torpedo Zhavoronki (Rus) 23 +25.30 gagnant Unibet
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalChita (Rus) vs Kholding (Rus) 22 +27.50 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Dota 225.03.2020 *InternationalPSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming 19 +30.78 gagnant Unibet
Soccer25.03.2020 *InternationalSaturn Ramenskoye (Rus) vs R. Volgograd 2 (Rus) 25 -25 perdant Bwin
League of Legends25.03.2020 South KoreaDamwon Gaming vs KT Rolster 29 -29 perdant BetBoro
League of Legends25.03.2020 ChinaTop Esports vs JD Gaming 16 +32.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer24.03.2020 *InternationalIFK Stocksund (Swe) vs Karlbergs (Swe) 24 +24.48 gagnant SboBET
Soccer24.03.2020 *InternationalOrebro SK U21 (Swe) vs Rynninge (Swe) 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer24.03.2020 *InternationalTomelilla IF (Swe) vs Lunds U19 (Swe) 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
League of Legends24.03.2020 *InternationalNaVi vs Fnatic 23 -23 perdant Bwin
League of Legends24.03.2020 *InternationalNorth vs compLexity Gaming 22 -22 perdant Bwin
League of Legends24.03.2020 *InternationalBIG vs forZe 25 +24.50 gagnant BetBoro
Hockey24.03.2020 BelarusNeman Grodno vs Soligorsk 25 +24.75 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer24.03.2020 *InternationalAngelholms (Swe) vs BK Astrio (Swe) 27 +21.60 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer24.03.2020 *InternationalSaturn Ramenskoye (Rus) vs Sakhalin (Rus) 21 +28.35 gagnant Bwin
League of Legends24.03.2020 ChinaSuning vs LNG Esports 22 +27.50 gagnant Bwin
Baseball24.03.2020 *InternationalFubon Guardians (Tpe) vs Uni Lions (Tpe) 23 +25.53 gagnant SboBET
League of Legends24.03.2020 ChinaTeam WE vs Rogue Warriors 19 -19 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Dota 223.03.2020 *Internationalbeastcoast vs Thunder Predator 21 +28.35 gagnant Bwin
Soccer23.03.2020 *InternationalHaninge (Swe) vs Taby (Swe) 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
League of Legends23.03.2020 *InternationalFnatic vs forZe 15 -15 perdant Bwin
League of Legends23.03.2020 ChinaeStar (League of Legends) vs Invictus Gaming 38 -38 perdant Bwin
Soccer23.03.2020 -ASIAHantharwady Utd vs Zwekapin Utd 25 -12.50 moitié perdant SboBET
League of Legends23.03.2020 ChinaEDward Gaming vs Vici Gaming 18 -18 perdant Bwin
Soccer23.03.2020 *InternationalZnamya Truda (Rus) vs R. Volgograd 2 (Rus) 24 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer23.03.2020 -ASIASagaing vs Chin United 26 +22.36 gagnant SboBET
Soccer23.03.2020 AustraliaNewcastle Jets vs Melbourne City 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer23.03.2020 *InternationalManagua FC vs Juventus Managua 24 -24 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer23.03.2020 *InternationalSabanas vs Chinandega 26 0 remboursé BetBoro
League of Legends22.03.2020 *InternationalEvil Geniuses vs business associates 9 -9 perdant Bwin
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalVasteras IK (Swe) vs IK Franke (Swe) 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Hockey22.03.2020 BelarusSoligorsk vs Neman Grodno 21 0 remboursé Unibet
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalAlets IK (Swe) vs Skrea IF (Swe) 13 -13 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer22.03.2020 AngolaSanta Rita vs Wiliet 20 +28.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer22.03.2020 AngolaCaala vs Sporting de Cabinda 27 annulé BetBoro
Soccer22.03.2020 -AfricaBumamuru vs Aigle Noir 25 +23.50 gagnant Unibet
Soccer22.03.2020 BelarusBelshina vs FC Minsk 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalSkiljebo (Swe) vs Kungsor (Swe) 31 +17.67 gagnant Bwin
Soccer22.03.2020 BelarusSlutsk vs Slavia Mozyr 22 +27.94 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalUlricehamns IFK (Swe) vs Dalstorps (Swe) 26 +22.62 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalSaturn Ramenskoye (Rus) vs Znamya Truda (Rus) 24 +25.20 gagnant Bwin
Rugby22.03.2020 AustraliaGold Coast Titans vs Parramatta Eels 23 -23 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer22.03.2020 Hong KongTai Po vs Guangzhou R&F (HK) 22 -22 perdant Unibet
Rugby22.03.2020 AustraliaWests Tigers vs Newcastle Knights 25 +25.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalJalapa vs Ferretti 22 +27.50 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalEsteli vs Real Madriz 23 +25.53 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer22.03.2020 *InternationalDiriangen vs Ocotal 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
League of Legends21.03.2020 *InternationalFURIA Esports vs NoPing 30 +19.80 gagnant Unibet
League of Legends21.03.2020 -EuropeanMAD Lions vs Misfits 23 +26.45 gagnant Unibet
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalBK Sport (Swe) vs AC Primavera (Swe) 21 +27.09 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalRukinzo vs Les Lierres 27 +21.60 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer21.03.2020 AngolaSagrada vs Desportivo Huila 25 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer21.03.2020 AngolaOnze Bravos vs Petro Atletico 16 -16 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalSylvia (Swe) vs Varnamo (Swe) 24 -24 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalLjungby (Swe) vs Vaxjo Norra (Swe) 23 +26.91 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalSkovde AIK (Swe) vs Trollhattan (Swe) 27 +21.60 gagnant Bwin
Soccer21.03.2020 BelarusIsloch Minsk vs Neman 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalHusqvarna (Swe) vs Atvidabergs (Swe) 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalLindsdals (Swe) vs Oskarshamns (Swe) 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalHacken (Swe) vs Jonkopings (Swe) 25 +24.50 gagnant Unibet
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalOsby (Swe) vs VMA (Swe) 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalLunds (Swe) vs Osterlen FF (Swe) 27 +22.41 gagnant Unibet
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalIFK Malmo (Swe) vs Torns (Swe) 25 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalQviding (Swe) vs Stenungsunds (Swe) 24 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer21.03.2020 *InternationalBujumbura C. vs Kayanza 22 +27.50 gagnant Bwin
Soccer21.03.2020 BelarusVitebsk vs Gorodeja 21 +27.30 gagnant Bwin
Soccer21.03.2020 Hong KongEastern AA vs Pegasus 26 +23.66 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer21.03.2020 AustraliaMelbourne City W vs Sydney W 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Rugby21.03.2020 AustraliaNew Zealand Warriors vs Canberra Raiders 26 +23.66 gagnant Unibet
Soccer20.03.2020 *InternationalLunds (Swe) vs Skabersjo (Swe) 24 +25.44 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer20.03.2020 *InternationalStafsinge (Swe) vs Varobacka (Swe) 30 +19.50 gagnant Bwin
Soccer20.03.2020 BelarusDin. Minsk vs Rukh Brest 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Hockey20.03.2020 BelarusNeman Grodno vs Soligorsk 22 +25.96 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer20.03.2020 *InternationalSollentuna (Swe) vs Fanna (Swe) 24 -24 perdant SboBET
Soccer20.03.2020 TurkeyAltay vs Akhisarspor 22 annulé Unibet
Soccer20.03.2020 SingaporeTanjong Pagar vs Albirex Niigata 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Rugby20.03.2020 AustraliaBrisbane Broncos vs South Sydney Rabbitohs 25 -25 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer20.03.2020 AustraliaBrisbane Roar vs Newcastle Jets 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer20.03.2020 AustraliaCentral Coast Mariners vs Melbourne City 25 +23.50 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiBaltimore vs Ouanaminthe 30 +18.60 gagnant SboBET
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiReal du Cap vs Fica 21 -21 perdant Unibet
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiViolette vs Arcahaie 25 -25 perdant Bwin
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiJuventus vs Don Bosco 18 -18 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiCavaly vs Tempete 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer19.03.2020 HaitiMirebalais vs Racing Haitien 28 -28 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer19.03.2020 *InternationalAnderslovs BoIK (Swe) vs Ystads (Swe) 17 annulé OddsRing
Soccer19.03.2020 *InternationalLagans (Swe) vs Waggeryds (Swe) 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Hockey19.03.2020 BelarusYunost Minsk vs Molodechno 26 -26 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer19.03.2020 BelarusShakhtyor Soligorsk vs Zhodino 21 -21 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer19.03.2020 *InternationalChelyabinsk (Rus) vs Tyumen (Rus) 24 +25.92 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer19.03.2020 *InternationalSaratov (Rus) vs Dolgoprudny (Rus) 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer19.03.2020 *InternationalKamaz B (Rus) vs Omsk (Rus) 22 +26.40 gagnant Bwin
Hockey19.03.2020 RussiaGUOR Kareliya vs Tverichi 23 +25.30 gagnant Bwin
Rugby19.03.2020 AustraliaCanterbury Bulldogs vs NQ Cowboys 27 +21.60 gagnant Bwin
Soccer19.03.2020 NorwayReal Madriz vs Diriangen 19 +29.45 gagnant Bwin
Soccer19.03.2020 -South AmericaFerretti vs Managua FC 22 +26.40 gagnant SboBET
Soccer18.03.2020 BrazilBotafogo PB vs Sousa 27 -27 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer18.03.2020 BrazilRiver-PI vs Parnahyba 21 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 *InternationalLodde (Swe) vs Torns (Swe) 25 +23.75 gagnant Unibet
Soccer18.03.2020 BrazilBrasiliense vs Paranoa 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer18.03.2020 BrazilReal Brasilia vs Taguatinga Esporte 21 -21 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 BrazilSport PB vs Nacional de Patos 27 -13.50 moitié perdant SboBET
Basketball18.03.2020 RussiaSt. Petersburg vs Vostok 65 28 +21.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer18.03.2020 *InternationalForward (Swe) vs Sturehov IK (Swe) 27 +21.60 gagnant Unibet
Hockey18.03.2020 BelarusSoligorsk vs Neman Grodno 22 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Basketball18.03.2020 RussiaBurevestnik Jaroslav vs Spartak Primorie 27 +22.41 gagnant Bwin
Soccer18.03.2020 RussiaShinnik Yaroslavl vs Ural 27 annulé OddsRing
Basketball18.03.2020 TurkeyGemlik vs Mamak Bld. 26 +23.92 gagnant SboBET
Soccer18.03.2020 *InternationalAhli Al-Khalil vs Al Quds 22 annulé OddsRing
Soccer18.03.2020 NigeriaMFM FC vs Abia Warriors 15 +34.50 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer18.03.2020 NigeriaNasarawa vs Akwa United 20 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer18.03.2020 NigeriaRivers United vs Warri Wolves 14 -14 perdant 10Bet
Soccer18.03.2020 NigeriaSunshine Stars vs Katsina Utd 15 -15 perdant 10Bet
Soccer18.03.2020 *InternationalVladimir (Rus) vs FK Novosibirsk (Rus) 20 +28.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 *InternationalZenit-Izhevsk (Rus) vs Kamaz (Rus) 20 +30.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer18.03.2020 SingaporeTampines vs Lion City 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer18.03.2020 SingaporeBalestier Khalsa vs Hougang 23 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyHopaspor vs Sultanbeyli 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyPazarspor vs Malatya 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyFK Vanspor vs Ergene Velimese 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyH.Trabzon vs Kirklarelispor 22 +27.94 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyElaziz Bld. vs Cizrespor 25 -25 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer18.03.2020 TurkeyFatsa Belediyespor vs Kozan 23 +25.30 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer17.03.2020 ChileSan Felipe vs CD Santa Cruz 27 -27 perdant BetBoro
Soccer17.03.2020 BrazilGama vs Real Brasilia 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer17.03.2020 EnglandKettering vs Guiseley 24 annulé Unibet
Soccer17.03.2020 EnglandAlfreton vs Gateshead 23 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer17.03.2020 EnglandBoston Utd vs Darlington 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer17.03.2020 ArgentinaDeportivo Muniz vs CSR Espanol 22 annulé OddsRing
Soccer17.03.2020 ArgentinaClaypole vs Deportivo Paraguayo 28 annulé OddsRing
Soccer17.03.2020 *InternationalBK Astrio (Swe) vs Ullareds IK (Swe) 22 +26.62 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Handball17.03.2020 SwedenSavehof vs Malmo 26 annulé Unibet
Handball17.03.2020 SwedenLugi vs Alingsas 27 annulé Unibet
Handball17.03.2020 SwedenOnnereds vs Helsingborg 27 annulé BetBoro
Soccer17.03.2020 BelarusMolodechno vs Yunost Minsk 27 0 remboursé WilliamHill
Soccer17.03.2020 RussiaCPRF vs Yekaterinburg 10 annulé Unibet
Soccer17.03.2020 *InternationalKarlstad (Swe) vs Nordvarmland (Swe) 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer17.03.2020 BahrainAl-Muharraq vs Al Riffa 24 -24 perdant SboBET
Hockey17.03.2020 RussiaAlmetyevsk vs Dinamo St. Petersburg 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Hockey17.03.2020 RussiaBarys Nur-Sultan vs Sibir Novosibirsk 17 annulé Pinnacle Sports
Basketball17.03.2020 RussiaTemp Sumz Revda vs BC Samara 26 -26 perdant SboBET
Soccer17.03.2020 *InternationalAl Orouba vs Ibri 23 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer17.03.2020 AustraliaCapalaba FC vs Brisbane Strikers 25 annulé Bwin
Soccer17.03.2020 ArgentinaChacarita Juniors vs Almagro 23 +25.07 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ChileDeportes Temuco vs San Marcos de Arica 26 +23.66 gagnant BetBoro
Basketball16.03.2020 ChileCatolica vs Puente Alto 26 annulé 10Bet
Soccer16.03.2020 BrazilSantos AP vs Trem 29 +20.30 gagnant Bwin
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaAgropecuario vs Barracas Central 24 +25.20 gagnant Bwin
Soccer16.03.2020 BrazilGuarani vs Ponte Preta 20 -20 perdant Unibet
Soccer16.03.2020 ChileO'Higgins vs Antofagasta 22 annulé OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaExcursionistas vs Leandro N. Alem 23 +26.22 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 BrazilMadureira vs Volta Redonda 21 +28.14 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaDouglas Haig vs CDJU Gualeguaychu 26 +23.66 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaSan Martin Burzaco vs General Lamadrid 22 -22 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaClub Lujan vs Dock Sud 24 +24.48 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaCentral Ballester vs Atlas 20 +29.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer16.03.2020 BrazilSao Jose MA vs Pinheiro 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaDef. de Cambaceres vs Juventud Unida S. M. 15 -15 perdant Bwin
Soccer16.03.2020 TurkeyEskisehirspor vs Adana Demirspor 25 +23.75 gagnant OddsRing
Volleyball16.03.2020 TurkeyBeylikduzu W vs Galatasaray W 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer16.03.2020 RussiaTambov vs FK Krylya Sovetov Samara 27 +22.95 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 TurkeyAltinordu vs Balikesirspor 21 +27.09 gagnant OddsRing
Hockey16.03.2020 BelarusSoligorsk vs Neman Grodno 18 -18 perdant WilliamHill
Hockey16.03.2020 RussiaAlmetyevsk vs Dinamo St. Petersburg 27 +22.41 gagnant OddsRing
Volleyball16.03.2020 RussiaDynamo Kazan W vs Dynamo Moscow W 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer16.03.2020 GhanaLiniers vs Yupanqui 25 +23.25 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer16.03.2020 GhanaKing Faisal vs Hearts of Oak 21 annulé Pinnacle Sports
Hockey16.03.2020 RussiaHC Yugra vs Tyumen 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Hockey16.03.2020 RussiaAvto vs Belye Medvedi 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Hockey16.03.2020 RussiaTolpar vs Stalnye Lisy 23 +25.30 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer16.03.2020 ArgentinaCentral Cordoba vs Newells Old Boys 24 +25.44 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 ArgentinaBelgrano vs Platense 22 -22 perdant BetBoro
Soccer15.03.2020 BoliviaOriente Petrolero vs The Strongest 25 +23.25 gagnant SboBET
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilVasco vs Fluminense 24 +25.44 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer15.03.2020 Costa RicaGrecia vs Cartagines 22 +27.50 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 ChileCobreloa vs Magallanes 26 +23.92 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilConcordia vs Avai 24 +12.36 moitié gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 BoliviaNacional Potosi vs Real Potosi 26 -26 perdant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilFigueirense vs Brusque 21 +28.56 gagnant SboBET
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilURT vs Tupynambas 20 +30.00 gagnant Unibet
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilUniao PR vs Cascavel 26 -26 perdant SboBET
Soccer15.03.2020 ArgentinaVilla San Carlos vs Defensores Unidos 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 ArgentinaJusto Jose de Urquiza vs Fenix 24 0 remboursé Unibet
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilTaguatinga Esporte vs Ceilandia 24 -24 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 MexicoPuebla W vs Club Leon W 22 +27.72 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 GhanaElmina Sharks vs Dreams 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer15.03.2020 SerbiaDin. Vranje vs Graficar Beograd 29 +19.43 gagnant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 SerbiaKabel Novi Sad vs Novi Pazar 21 -21 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer15.03.2020 ArgentinaVictoriano A. vs Argentino de Merlo 24 +25.92 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 RussiaF. Voronezh vs Luch 21 -21 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 TurkeyMenemen Bld. vs Istanbulspor AS 17 -17 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 TunisiaAS Marsa vs Esperance Tunis 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Handball15.03.2020 SwedenRimbo vs Lindesberg 21 -21 perdant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilPenapolense vs Sao Bento 23 -23 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilVotuporanguense vs Sertaozinho 22 +27.50 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilBoa vs Uberlandia 24 -12.00 moitié perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 BrazilPortuguesa Santista vs Sao Caetano 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 MalaysiaKedah vs Selangor 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 South AfricaTS Sporting vs Bloem Celtic 21 +28.77 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 VietnamThe Cong vs Gia Lai 26 -26 perdant BetBoro
Soccer15.03.2020 TurkeyErokspor vs Fatsa Belediyespor 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Hockey15.03.2020 RussiaAlmaz vs Din. St. Petersburg 20 -20 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer15.03.2020 RussiaSochi vs Krasnodar 25 +25.00 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer15.03.2020 VietnamThan Quang Ninh vs Hanoi FC 24 -24 perdant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 RussiaNeftekhimik vs Khimki 25 -12.50 moitié perdant OddsRing
Hockey15.03.2020 RussiaDyn. Moscow vs Krasnaya Armiya 18 -18 perdant WilliamHill
Hockey15.03.2020 RussiaMHC Spartak vs SKA-1946 13 -13 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer15.03.2020 VietnamDa Nang vs Sai Gon FC 27 -27 perdant Bwin
Soccer15.03.2020 IndonesiaBali United vs Madura United 24 -24 perdant SboBET
Soccer15.03.2020 MexicoDorados de Sinaloa vs Tampico Madero 24 -24 perdant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 AustraliaMelbourne City W vs WS Wanderers W 18 +30.06 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer15.03.2020 MexicoCorrecaminos vs Zacatepec 24 +25.44 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer15.03.2020 -South AmericaBrazil U20 W vs Chile U20 W 26 -26 perdant BetBoro
Volleyball15.03.2020 BrazilAmerica Volei vs Minas 23 annulé SboBET
Soccer14.03.2020 ArgentinaGodoy Cruz vs Boca Juniors 23 -23 perdant OddsRing
Rugby14.03.2020 *InternationalJaguares vs Highlanders 26 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer14.03.2020 HondurasMarathon vs CD Honduras 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 BrazilFerroviaria vs Novorizontino 20 -20 perdant Bwin
Soccer14.03.2020 MoroccoOlympique de Safi vs Moghreb Tetouan 21 annulé OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 EcuadorMushuc Runa vs Macara 20 +28.60 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 BrazilAtibaia vs Audax-SP 20 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandChippenham vs Wealdstone 21 -21 perdant Bwin
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandHungerford vs Bath 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer14.03.2020 ChileCobresal vs U. Catolica 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandDartford vs Chelmsford 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandBraintree vs St. Albans 17 +32.30 gagnant Unibet
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandYeovil vs Barnet 23 annulé BetBoro
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandHampton & Richmond vs Oxford City 24 -24 perdant BetBoro
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandLeamington vs Kidderminster 19 annulé Unibet
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandDarlington vs Farsley 22 -22 perdant BetBoro
Soccer14.03.2020 EnglandDulwich Hamlet vs Hemel Hempstead 22 +25.96 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 AlgeriaRelizane vs Medea 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 *InternationalMirbat vs Oman Club 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 United Arab EmiratesAl Dhafra vs Al Wahda 19 +29.45 gagnant WilliamHill
Hockey14.03.2020 RussiaMHC Spartak vs SKA-1946 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer14.03.2020 AustraliaHume City vs Bentleigh Greens 25 -25 perdant Bwin
Soccer14.03.2020 AustraliaManly Utd vs Sydney Utd 26 +22.88 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 AustraliaSt Albans vs Eastern Lions 22 +26.40 gagnant Unibet
Soccer14.03.2020 *InternationalBlues vs Lions 26 -26 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer14.03.2020 MexicoVenados vs Cafetaleros de Chiapas 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer14.03.2020 EcuadorTecnico U. vs LDU Portoviejo 27 +22.95 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer13.03.2020 ArgentinaDef. de Belgrano vs Santamarina 25 +12.50 moitié gagnant OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 *InternationalVenezuela U20 W vs Ecuador U20 W 25 +23.50 gagnant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 ChileMelipilla vs Rangers 22 -22 perdant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 IcelandFylkir vs Keflavik 27 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 ArgentinaItuzaingo vs Sportivo Italiano 24 0 remboursé Unibet
Basketball13.03.2020 United KingdomWorcester Wolves vs Sheffield Sharks 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Basketball13.03.2020 United KingdomPlymouth Raiders vs Glasgow Rocks 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer13.03.2020 IcelandGrotta vs Kopavogur 24 annulé OddsRing
Handball13.03.2020 SwedenSkuru W vs Savehof W 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Handball13.03.2020 SwedenHeid W vs Skovde W 27 +21.60 gagnant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 South AfricaReal Kings vs Bidvest Wits 22 -22 perdant OddsRing
Handball13.03.2020 SwedenHelsingborg vs Savehof 26 +22.62 gagnant BetBoro
Handball13.03.2020 HungaryVaci vs Tatabanya 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 TurkeyAnkaragucu vs Rizespor 25 +23.75 gagnant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 United Arab EmiratesAl Nasr vs Khorfakkan 30 +18.60 gagnant Bwin
Soccer13.03.2020 RussiaAkhmat Grozny vs Dynamo Moscow 27 +21.60 gagnant OddsRing
Hockey13.03.2020 RussiaDinamo St. Petersburg vs Almetyevsk 26 -26 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer13.03.2020 CyprusSotiras vs Aris 27 annulé BetBoro
Hockey13.03.2020 BelarusYunost Minsk vs Molodechno 23 -23 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer13.03.2020 *InternationalSaham vs Al-Rustaq 27 +22.95 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 BahrainManama Club vs East Riffa 26 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 RussiaUrozhay vs Inter Cherkessk 25 +25.00 gagnant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 UkraineDnipro-1 U21 vs Mariupol U21 18 -18 perdant Bwin
Soccer13.03.2020 BahrainBusaiteen vs Al-Najma 27 -27 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer13.03.2020 United Arab EmiratesHatta vs Al Wasl 25 -25 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer13.03.2020 EnglandBirmingham U23 vs Sheffield Wed U23 30 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer13.03.2020 MalaysiaTerengganu 2 vs Kelantan 24 -24 perdant Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelBeitar Tel Aviv vs Hapoel Bnei Lod 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelHapoel Petah Tikva vs M. Nazareth 24 annulé OddsRing
Hockey13.03.2020 RussiaStalnye Lisy vs Tolpar 15 +33.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer13.03.2020 *InternationalStromsgodset (Nor) vs Stabaek (Nor) 27 annulé BetBoro
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelMaccabi Jaffa vs M. Herzliya 25 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelMS Tira vs Daburiya Osama 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelNordia Jerusalem vs Hapoel Kfar Shalem 25 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelMaccabi Yavne vs Ironi Or Yehuda 26 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelShapira vs H. Migdal HaEmek 23 annulé Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelHapoel Herzliya vs Ironi Baka 20 annulé Bwin
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelKiryat Gat vs Maccabi Shaarayim FC 31 annulé Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelHapoel Kafr Kanna vs Hapoel Bnei Zalfa 23 annulé OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelM. Ironi Kiryat vs Hapoel Iksal Imad 24 annulé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer13.03.2020 IsraelH. Bikat Hayarden vs Shimshon Kafr Qasim 20 annulé Unibet
Soccer13.03.2020 AustraliaAlbany Creek vs Caboolture 25 annulé BetBoro
Basketball13.03.2020 AustraliaPerth vs Sydney 26 +23.40 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer13.03.2020 VietnamHai Phong vs BHTS Quang Nam 20 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer13.03.2020 RussiaAkhmat Grozny U19 vs Dynamo Moscow U19 23 +26.45 gagnant Bwin
Soccer13.03.2020 RussiaArsenal Tula U19 vs Rubin Kazan U19 26 +22.62 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer13.03.2020 IndonesiaPusamania Borneo vs Persela Lamongan 25 -12.50 moitié perdant OddsRing
Rugby13.03.2020 *InternationalChiefs vs Hurricanes 23 +25.30 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Handball12.03.2020 IcelandFH Hafnarfjordur vs KA 25 +23.75 gagnant OddsRing
Handball12.03.2020 IcelandSelfoss vs Haukar 28 +21.00 gagnant Unibet
Basketball12.03.2020 -EuropeanMaccabi Tel Aviv vs Baskonia 29 annulé 10Bet
Hockey12.03.2020 SwedenFrolunda vs Djurgardens 17 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Hockey12.03.2020 SwedenLulea vs Skelleftea 18 -18 perdant Unibet
Soccer12.03.2020 -EuropeanLASK vs Manchester Utd 24 +25.20 gagnant Unibet
Basketball12.03.2020 -EuropeanAnadolu Efes vs Valencia 27 annulé 10Bet
Basketball12.03.2020 RussiaBC Kalev/Cramo vs Lokomotiv Kuban 27 -27 perdant Bwin
Handball12.03.2020 RomaniaCSM Fagaras vs Minaur Baia Mare 25 +25.00 gagnant Unibet
Soccer12.03.2020 *InternationalNew York City vs U.A.N.L.- Tigres 22 +27.06 gagnant Unibet
Soccer11.03.2020 *InternationalEngland W vs Spain W 26 +22.88 gagnant SboBET
Soccer11.03.2020 IcelandAfturelding vs Akranes 26 +11.44 moitié gagnant OddsRing
Handball11.03.2020 IcelandFH Hafnarfjordur vs KA 28 annulé Unibet
Handball11.03.2020 DenmarkAalborg vs Mors 25 +23.75 gagnant Unibet
Hockey11.03.2020 SwedenTimra vs BIK Karlskoga 26 +23.40 gagnant Unibet
Handball11.03.2020 SwedenAmo HK vs Hammarby 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Handball11.03.2020 SwedenTorslanda vs Tyreso 23 +26.45 gagnant 10Bet
Volleyball11.03.2020 GermanyDuren vs Buhl 25 +23.75 gagnant Bwin
Basketball11.03.2020 NorwayKongsberg Miners vs Asker 27 annulé Unibet
Basketball11.03.2020 SloveniaPolzela vs Primorska 25 +25.00 gagnant Unibet
Hockey11.03.2020 SwedenSodertalje vs Vasterviks IK 25 +23.75 gagnant Unibet
Soccer11.03.2020 EgyptTanta vs Wadi Degla 22 -11.00 moitié perdant Unibet
Soccer11.03.2020 EgyptAl Ahly vs Smouha 24 +24.48 gagnant SboBET
Basketball11.03.2020 CyprusApollon vs Paralimni 27 +22.95 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer11.03.2020 PolandLechia Gdansk vs Piast Gliwice 24 -24 perdant SboBET
Hockey11.03.2020 LatviaKurbads vs Liepaja 23 -23 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer11.03.2020 TurkeyYeni Malatyaspor vs Trabzonspor 23 +26.45 gagnant BetBoro
Basketball11.03.2020 FinlandSalon Vilpas vs KTP Kotka Basket 26 +22.62 gagnant BetBoro
Basketball11.03.2020 -EuropeanTsmoki Minsk vs Bakken Bears 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Hockey11.03.2020 RussiaZvezda Moscow vs Humo 24 +24.48 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer11.03.2020 -ASIAChennai City (Ind) vs Maziya (Mdv) 26 +23.92 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer11.03.2020 -EuropeanCyprus W vs Albania W 26 +22.36 gagnant OddsRing
Basketball11.03.2020 -EuropeanEkaterinburg W vs Lattes Montpellier W 27 annulé Unibet
Soccer11.03.2020 TurkeyGiresunspor vs Keciorengucu 21 -21 perdant OddsRing
Soccer11.03.2020 MalaysiaFelda Utd. vs Melaka United SA 26 +23.40 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer11.03.2020 MalaysiaSelangor 2 vs Sarawak Utd. 27 +22.41 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer11.03.2020 MacedoniaShkupi vs Sileks 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer11.03.2020 MacedoniaVardar vs Struga Trim & Lum 24 -24 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer11.03.2020 MacedoniaMakedonija GP vs Borec 37 -37 perdant Bwin
Soccer11.03.2020 MalaysiaUiTM vs Kedah 27 -27 perdant BetBoro
Soccer11.03.2020 TunisiaKorba vs Etoile Sahel 34 -34 perdant OddsRing
Soccer11.03.2020 TunisiaSbikha vs Esperance Tunis 34 +15.98 gagnant OddsRing
Hockey11.03.2020 RussiaLoko vs HC Riga 21 -21 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer11.03.2020 TurkeyUmraniyespor vs Menemen Bld. 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Soccer11.03.2020 *InternationalMexico W vs Czech Republic W 20 -20 perdant OddsRing
Soccer11.03.2020 ArmeniaArarat-Armenia vs Gandzasar 24 0 remboursé OddsRing
Tennis11.03.2020 KazakhstanSerdarusic N. vs Griekspoor T. 20 +30.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Basketball11.03.2020 USAGolden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers 26 +23.40 gagnant Unibet
Basketball11.03.2020 USALos Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets 26 +22.36 gagnant Unibet
Basketball11.03.2020 ArgentinaAtenas vs Penarol 26 +22.62 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer11.03.2020 -South AmericaPalmeiras (Bra) vs Guarani (Par) 24 -12.00 moitié perdant Unibet
Basketball10.03.2020 USAHofstra vs Northeastern 26 +22.88 gagnant 10Bet
Basketball10.03.2020 BrazilSao Paulo vs Bauru 27 -27 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer10.03.2020 -South AmericaBolivar (Bol) vs Tigre (Arg) 27 +11.21 moitié gagnant 10Bet
Basketball10.03.2020 USADelaware State vs Md.-East. Shore 26 +22.36 gagnant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandKing’s Lynn vs Bradford PA 27 +22.68 gagnant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 ScotlandStirling vs Cove Rangers 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandHorsham FC vs Bognor Regis 19 +28.69 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer10.03.2020 ScotlandKelty Hearts vs BSC Glasgow 22 -22 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandNotts Co vs Aldershot 26 -26 perdant Bwin
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandBishop's Stortford vs Enfield Town 16 -16 perdant 10Bet
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandMorpeth vs Hyde 27 +22.41 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandBristol Rovers vs Sunderland 23 -23 perdant OddsRing
Basketball10.03.2020 FranceAntibes vs Fos-sur-Mer 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Basketball10.03.2020 FranceRouen vs Evreux 26 +22.62 gagnant 10Bet
Basketball10.03.2020 FranceParis vs Quimper 26 -26 perdant 10Bet
Basketball10.03.2020 FranceVichy-Clermont vs Saint Quentin 27 -27 perdant 10Bet
Basketball10.03.2020 FranceSt. Chamond vs Nancy 26 -26 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer10.03.2020 EnglandDerby U23 vs West Ham U23 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer10.03.2020 BrazilCeilandia vs Bosque Formosa 21 +26.88 gagnant Unibet
Hockey10.03.2020 AustriaGraz 99ers vs Vienna Capitals 22 annulé WilliamHill
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalKFUM Oslo (Nor) vs Kjelsas (Nor) 21 +28.35 gagnant Bwin
Handball10.03.2020 SwedenAIK vs Bodens 27 0 remboursé Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalBrazil W vs Canada W 23 -23 perdant BetBoro
Handball10.03.2020 DenmarkSilkeborg-Voel W vs Copenhagen W 23 -23 perdant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalBelgium W vs Denmark W 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer10.03.2020 -EuropeanIsrael W vs Georgia W 23 -23 perdant SboBET
Hockey10.03.2020 RussiaDyn. Moscow vs Sp. Moscow 24 -24 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Hockey10.03.2020 FinlandJYP vs Tappara 26 +23.66 gagnant WilliamHill
Hockey10.03.2020 FinlandTPS Turku vs Vaasan Sport 23 +26.91 gagnant Unibet
Hockey10.03.2020 FinlandSaiPa vs Jukurit 20 -20 perdant Bwin
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalAlfalah Atbra vs Al-Ahly Merowe 23 annulé Unibet
Hockey10.03.2020 Czech RepublicKarvina vs Plzen 26 0 remboursé BetBoro
Hockey10.03.2020 RussiaDin. St. Petersburg vs Almaz 16 +32.80 gagnant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Cambuur vs Jong Excelsior 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer10.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Groningen vs Jong Heerenveen 23 -23 perdant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Zwolle vs Jong Feyenoord 27 +21.33 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 MalaysiaPerak 2 vs Penang 24 -24 perdant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalBelarus W vs Serbia W 29 +20.59 gagnant OddsRing
Hockey10.03.2020 RussiaOmskie Yastreby vs Mamonty Yugry 17 +31.96 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer10.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Nijmegen vs Jong Heracles 25 +23.50 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 MalaysiaKuching FA vs Terengganu 2 24 -24 perdant BetBoro
Soccer10.03.2020 -ASIATampines (Sgp) vs Shan Utd (Bur) 27 -27 perdant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 PortugalBenfica U23 vs Aves U23 23 +12.54 moitié gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer10.03.2020 PortugalCD Cova da Piedade U23 vs Belenenses U23 23 0 remboursé Pinnacle Sports
Soccer10.03.2020 *InternationalBrann (Nor) vs Sotra (Nor) 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer10.03.2020 Hong KongSouthern District vs Kitchee 26 +22.62 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer10.03.2020 ColombiaBoca Juniors vs Quindio 24 +25.20 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer10.03.2020 EcuadorEL Nacional vs Dep. Cuenca 25 +24.75 gagnant OddsRing
Basketball09.03.2020 BrazilBrasilia vs Sao Jose 26 +22.62 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer09.03.2020 BrazilPonte Preta vs Bragantino 21 -21 perdant Unibet
Soccer09.03.2020 BrazilSao Luiz vs SER Caxias 22 -22 perdant Bwin
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandLeicester vs Aston Villa 27 -27 perdant BetBoro
Soccer09.03.2020 ArgentinaBarracas Central vs San Martin S.J. 18 +29.70 gagnant Bwin
Soccer09.03.2020 ArgentinaInd. Rivadavia vs Guillermo Brown 21 -21 perdant Bwin
Soccer09.03.2020 GermanyStuttgart vs Arminia Bielefeld 25 +24.25 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandExeter U23 vs Newcastle Utd U23 19 annulé OddsRing
Soccer09.03.2020 IsraelMaccabi Haifa vs H. Beer Sheva 25 +23.75 gagnant BetBoro
Handball09.03.2020 SwedenLugi vs Redbergslids 26 +22.62 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer09.03.2020 NetherlandsJong De Graafschap vs Jong Dordrecht 23 +25.53 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer09.03.2020 ItalySassuolo vs Brescia 24 +25.92 gagnant OddsRing
Basketball09.03.2020 TurkeyAnadolu Efes vs Gaziantep 27 -27 perdant 10Bet
Soccer09.03.2020 BelarusDin. Minsk vs BATE 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer09.03.2020 BahrainBusaiteen vs Al-Muharraq 27 +11.34 moitié gagnant OddsRing
Hockey09.03.2020 RussiaJokerit vs Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 24 -24 perdant 10Bet
Basketball09.03.2020 -EuropeanFMP Beograd vs Crvena zvezda mts 27 +22.41 gagnant Unibet
Basketball09.03.2020 BulgariaYambol vs Beroe 27 +22.95 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer09.03.2020 *InternationalMjondalen (Nor) vs Sogndal (Nor) 25 +24.75 gagnant OddsRing
Handball09.03.2020 RussiaKaustik vs Krasnodar 26 +23.40 gagnant Unibet
Soccer09.03.2020 BahrainAl-Hidd vs Al-Shabbab 25 -25 perdant SboBET
Basketball09.03.2020 RussiaKhimki M. vs Saratov 26 +23.40 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer09.03.2020 RussiaFK Chayka vs Luch 26 -26 perdant BetBoro
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandCharlton U23 vs Fulham U23 20 -20 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandBolton U23 vs Nottingham U23 21 -21 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandCrewe U23 vs Burnley U23 23 -23 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer09.03.2020 EnglandCoventry U23 vs Millwall U23 22 -22 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer09.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Willem II vs Jong NAC Breda 21 +28.35 gagnant Bwin
Soccer09.03.2020 NetherlandsJong FC Emmen vs Jong Den Bosch 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer09.03.2020 NetherlandsJong Sittard vs Jong FC Eindhoven 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer09.03.2020 IndonesiaMadura United vs Persiraja Aceh 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Hockey09.03.2020 RussiaBarys Nur-Sultan vs Metallurg Magnitogorsk 26 +23.66 gagnant Bwin
Basketball09.03.2020 South KoreaS-Birds W vs KEB Hanabank W 23 +26.45 gagnant Bwin
Hockey09.03.2020 RussiaIrbis vs Sibirskie Snaipery 23 -23 perdant Bwin
Soccer09.03.2020 AustraliaBlue Eagles vs Adelaide Raiders 20 +28.40 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer09.03.2020 AustraliaEastern Lions vs Dandenong Thunder 25 0 remboursé OddsRing
Hockey09.03.2020 RussiaTolpar vs Stalnye Lisy 24 -24 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer08.03.2020 UruguayCerro Largo vs Boston River 20 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 FranceLille vs Lyon 21 +27.30 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 BrazilCentral SC vs Afogados da Ingazeira 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer08.03.2020 BrazilBotafogo SP vs Sao Paulo 24 +24.48 gagnant Unibet
Soccer08.03.2020 BrazilAnapolis vs Goianesia 21 +27.09 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 ColombiaChico vs Petrolera 27 0 remboursé Unibet
Soccer08.03.2020 BrazilParanoa vs Taguatinga Esporte 17 -17 perdant Bwin
Soccer08.03.2020 PeruGrau vs U. San Martin 22 0 remboursé OddsRing
Basketball08.03.2020 AustriaKlosterneuburg Dukes vs Swans Gmunden 22 -22 perdant WilliamHill
Basketball08.03.2020 NorwayAsker vs Kongsberg Miners 27 +22.41 gagnant Unibet
Handball08.03.2020 SloveniaKoper vs Trimo Trebnje 22 +27.50 gagnant Unibet
Soccer08.03.2020 SpainOlot vs Badalona 24 -24 perdant WilliamHill
Basketball08.03.2020 GermanyOldenburg vs Vechta 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Handball08.03.2020 GermanyLeipzig vs Ludwigshafen 24 -24 perdant Unibet
Soccer08.03.2020 SlovakiaTrebisov vs Bardejov 30 +19.50 gagnant Bwin
Soccer08.03.2020 TurkeyAkhisarspor vs Osmanlispor 19 -19 perdant Unibet
Soccer08.03.2020 TunisiaCO Medenine vs Gabes 32 +17.60 gagnant BetBoro
Hockey08.03.2020 NorwayHaugesund vs Comet 29 +19.43 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 GreeceLevadiakos vs PAE Chania 25 -25 perdant OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 AzerbaijanSabail vs Zira 19 +29.45 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer08.03.2020 MacedoniaRenova vs Vardar 29 +20.30 gagnant Bwin
Soccer08.03.2020 RussiaFK Rostov U19 vs CSKA Moscow U19 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer08.03.2020 VietnamHong Linh Ha Tinh vs The Cong 23 +26.91 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer08.03.2020 RussiaSochi U19 vs Ural U19 25 -25 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Basketball08.03.2020 USADetroit Pistons vs Utah Jazz 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 EcuadorLDU Quito vs Barcelona SC 24 +25.20 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 ColombiaOnce Caldas vs America De Cali 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 ArgentinaDefensa y Justicia vs Patronato 24 -24 perdant OddsRing
Rugby07.03.2020 *InternationalScotland W vs France W 26 annulé Unibet
Handball07.03.2020 GermanyHBW Balingen-Weilstetten vs Minden 27 -27 perdant 10Bet
Volleyball07.03.2020 PolandOlsztyn vs Kedzierzyn-Kozle 19 -19 perdant SboBET
Basketball07.03.2020 SpainJoventut Badalona vs Unicaja 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 FranceReims vs Brest 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 BrazilAcademica Vitoria vs Salgueiro 22 -22 perdant OddsRing
Handball07.03.2020 PortugalBelenenses vs Vitoria 27 +21.60 gagnant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 PortugalBurinhosa vs Braga/AAUM 22 +26.62 gagnant BetBoro
Soccer07.03.2020 BrazilSanto Andre vs Oeste 27 +22.41 gagnant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandHarrogate vs Bromley 37 -37 perdant 10Bet
Basketball07.03.2020 SpainMurcia vs MoraBanc Andorra 28 -28 perdant 10Bet
Soccer07.03.2020 SpainBasico Urraca vs L'Entregu 26 +23.66 gagnant BetBoro
Basketball07.03.2020 HungarySzolnoki Olaj vs OSE Lions 27 +21.60 gagnant SboBET
Basketball07.03.2020 BrazilBauru vs Minas 27 -27 perdant BetBoro
Basketball07.03.2020 GreecePAOK vs Peristeri 27 -27 perdant 10Bet
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandSt. Albans vs Dartford 22 -22 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 AlgeriaParadou vs USM Alger 22 0 remboursé OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandHyde vs Matlock 26 -26 perdant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandHayes & Yeading vs Swindon S 24 +24.24 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandGateshead vs King’s Lynn 22 +27.06 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 SpainGirona vs Albacete 22 +27.50 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandHartlepool vs Ebbsfleet 37 -37 perdant Bwin
Soccer07.03.2020 ScotlandMontrose vs Stranraer 38 +11.40 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 ScotlandEdinburgh City vs Albion Rovers 36 +12.96 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 ScotlandDundee Utd vs Partick Thistle 36 +12.96 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 United KingdomCrusaders vs Institute 38 +11.40 gagnant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 EnglandAFC Wimbledon vs Bolton 26 +22.62 gagnant SboBET
Hockey07.03.2020 FinlandAssat vs Vaasan Sport 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Basketball07.03.2020 RomaniaAthletic Constanta vs ASC Targu Jiu 27 -27 perdant BetBoro
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyBayer Leverkusen vs Eintracht Frankfurt 38 +11.40 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyWolfsburg vs RB Leipzig 36 -36 perdant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 WalesCarmarthen Town vs Airbus 37 +12.21 gagnant WilliamHill
Soccer07.03.2020 Bosnia and HerzegovinaSloboda vs Celik Zenica 23 +25.30 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer07.03.2020 TurkeyGaziantep vs Trabzonspor 25 +24.25 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyHoffenheim II vs Mainz II 20 -20 perdant Bwin
Soccer07.03.2020 IndiaGoa vs Chennaiyin 38 +11.40 gagnant Bwin
Basketball07.03.2020 GreeceLavrio vs Panionios 26 -26 perdant 10Bet
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyMeiendorfer SV vs Wandsbeker Concordia 26 +22.88 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyHamburger SV U19 vs Hertha U19 17 -17 perdant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyPullach vs Landsberg 26 +23.92 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanySchalke II vs Bergisch Gladbach 26 +22.88 gagnant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 PolandUrsus Warszawa vs Polonia Warszawa 22 -22 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 -AfricaMazembe vs Raja Casablanca 22 +27.50 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 RussiaNovaja Generacija vs CPRF 29 -29 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanySC Weiche-08 II vs Lubeck II 25 +25.00 gagnant Bwin
Soccer07.03.2020 *InternationalHalden (Nor) vs Baerum Sportsklubb (Nor) 14 +35.00 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 *InternationalNorrby (Swe) vs Varnamo (Swe) 23 -23 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 EstoniaParnu vs Flora U21 18 +30.60 gagnant Bwin
Soccer07.03.2020 PortugalSporting U23 vs Rio Ave U23 24 +25.44 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 SpainFelanitx vs Poblense 23 +26.45 gagnant Bwin
Soccer07.03.2020 GermanyWuppertaler U19 vs B. Monchengladbach U19 22 -22 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 RussiaRubin Kazan U19 vs Krylya Sovetov Samara U19 27 -27 perdant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 AustraliaQueensland Lions vs Capalaba FC 24 +24.96 gagnant Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.03.2020 RussiaBerkut vs Ukhta 23 -23 perdant BetBoro
Soccer07.03.2020 KazakhstanOrdabasy vs Okzhetpes 27 +21.60 gagnant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 AustraliaManly Utd vs Blacktown City 14 -14 perdant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 AustraliaGold Coast vs Magpies Crusaders 27 -27 perdant OddsRing
Soccer07.03.2020 AustraliaBrisbane City vs Eastern Suburbs 27 +21.60 gagnant OddsRing
Basketball07.03.2020 USADallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Soccer07.03.2020 ArgentinaGimnasia Jujuy vs Def. de Belgrano 21 -21 perdant OddsRing
Basketball07.03.2020 USALoyola Chicago vs Valparaiso 26 -26 perdant Unibet
Basketball06.03.2020 USAAkron vs Kent State 25 +23.25 gagnant 10Bet
Soccer06.03.2020 IrelandBohemians vs Shelbourne 23 -23 perdant Bwin
Soccer06.03.2020 ArgentinaFenix vs Los Andes 26 +23.66 gagnant Bwin
Soccer06.03.2020 IrelandFinn Harps vs Dundalk 25 -25 perdant Unibet
Soccer06.03.2020 IrelandDrogheda vs UC Dublin 30 +18.60 gagnant Bwin
Rugby06.03.2020 EnglandWorcester Warriors vs Northampton Saints 27 +21.87 gagnant Unibet
Rugby06.03.2020 *InternationalDragons vs Benetton 24 +25.20 gagnant WilliamHill
Tennis06.03.2020 MexicoKing K. vs Vukic A. 20 +30.00 gagnant WilliamHill
Volleyball06.03.2020 ItalyNovara W vs Caserta W 27 annulé 10Bet
Basketball06.03.2020 United KingdomSheffield Sharks vs Manchester Giants 26 -26 perdant 10Bet
Basketball06.03.2020 PolandGdynia vs Torun 24 +25.44 gagnant WilliamHill